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Just 220 km towards the west

240 km by road travel ...







In the remake:

Pete plays Victor Lazlo,

Ilsa is of course Trish,

Someone at Pfizer would like to play Capitaine Reynaud, 

And Rick is played by Mike, who stays to work things out with the Moroccan virus Gestapo, before his departure.


The plane’s destination has been changed from Paris to the UK.


Clearly, it’s a story about migrants.


The ending scene of this scenario is still being written.




Play it Sam! I can take it!





DECCA - As Time Goes By




Dooley Wilson




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Responses to the trip outline - here's the first

Here is a copy/ paste article ...

Trish's excellent work to help get the important stuff lined up.

(Perhaps the only response needed) ...


"Dear Billy,
Delta is the way to go!
Get a ticket as  soon as you know your exact dates…. But I would do it  sooner rather than later as prices will be going up.
If you feel  uncomfortable doing it yourself, can do it for you.

You will need to take a Covid test just before departure. At the moment, it is within 24 hr of flight, but it could become more lax given falling Covid rates.   Have vaccine card in hand.
If you Google health entry requirements for US, it will  tell you all this . Check  closer to the time for changing regulations. There is a brief health questionnaire one fills out  24 hrs before departure .
As Nick has reserved rooms at hotel  near  the event, you probably will want to stay there a couple nights. Come to us before  or after, depending on your  plans.
Let me know  if I can help you with anything .


and her attachment: 


Trish\\\'s flight suggestions



How about that?


What a sister-in-law!


They don't make 'em like that any more !


Trish and tortoise





Embassy and Consulates of Belgium


U.S. Department of State -

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing for International Travel





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