Betadine Nasal Spray



Before the virus has finished moving through the linings of nose, sinuses, eustachian tubes of the ears, ...


let's kill it.

Let's kill it with betadine (povidone iodine).


Just another hairbrained idea from that guy in Belgium? 





No, more than that source, there is some Science behind the idea.


In Vitro Efficacy of a Povidone-Iodine Nasal Antiseptic for Rapid Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2


    one more ...


Povidone Iodine Mouthwash, Gargle, and Nasal Spray to Reduce Nasopharyngeal Viral Load in Patients With COVID-19



My experience in the past with Betadine (povidone iodine) was when we would paint a belly with it in preparation for an operation. And there, that was 10% povidone iodine.


Next door in another OR, an ENT surgeon was preparing to operate on a nose.

Noses are rather dirty inside from a bacterial/ viral standpoint.


It's why polite people sneeze into a hanky.


So the ENT surgeons would swab the inside of the nose with 5% povidone iodine before even thinking about making an incision.


Nice story. But so what today?


Well today, for Trish, let's get some povidone iodine spray into that nose that now has proven SARS-CoV-2 virus harbored within. Yuck. Yeww ...


Here's how.


Prior communications this day indicate familiarity with spraying saline in one's nose for good purpose. Even better, the presence of such material on hand.


She already has this ...


Trish\\\'s Saline Sinus Rinse c ad for PI




To start from scratch in this, doing it oneself, here's a little video, fresh off the camera.





Here is a link to the above video, if needed.




Mode d'emploi


Once you have this in hand, can think of it as either treatment, or prevention.



Imagine you're in a setting with other people, not much ventilation, and no one is wearing a mask (except perhaps you).


Think of that still as rather a high risk of transmission setting. 

This will of course vary with where you are located, which variants are around, etc.

Let's keep it simple.


So, when you get out of that setting, a spritz or two in each nostril, a good nose blow and a hand wash, and you may have just stopped a viral transmission from them to you.




Now imagine that everything was just fine, and you started to feel something coming on.

Imagine you even have a test for the SARS-CoV-2 on hand. You take the test, and it's positive.


So now, you have COVID-19. That's an illness. If your test is positive but you have absolutely no symptoms, no loss of taste and smell, etc. Nothing, then that's the perfect situation in which doing the following may help keep you healthy. You don't have COVID-19 (illness); you are simply infected with the virus, and lucky so far because you don't feel sick.


Two spritzes in each nostril. Wait a bit. Blow your nose. Throw away the Kleenex. Wash or sanitize your hands.


Do this about every 8 hours for 3 to 5 days. Especially, after waking up, and before going to bed. (Which leaves a spritz session to be done at around noon).



For any questions, you have the email address.




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