But where were you 800 years ago?

On December 21, 2020


  • we will have arrived at the Winter Solstice - the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere
  • a linear conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will also take place on that day. 
  • last occurrence for those on Earth, 800 years ago.


Some take this as a purely astronomical event.


Here is a site that explains this bright "winter star" that is already getting into alignment in the southwestern sky where you are on Bermuda. Do have a look.





Humans have been looking up at the sky, ever since ... well, ever since we've been human.

Became easier once our eyes had moved around from the sides of our head to the front.


And often in the past, interpreting events in the sky has been practiced, and used to teach people what to believe about such events.


Some take this event as being somewhat more important than astronomy.


Sometimes, we've relied on those with a closeness to Nature for the right interpretation of eclipses and other events seen when looking up.


Some of these interpreters were called shamans. Priests, astronomers, scientists, many other names given to these sky event interpreters.


Here is one.

His name is Frank Caldwell. 

He is also known as Frank Stronghorse.

He is a shaman.


And published today at is Frank's interpretation of this Dec. 21 planetary conjunction.


You are at present confined, but not mentally, so free to travel in at least one way.


You may also be getting a little bored.


So this is offered as something to pass the time while sharing information.


Frank will be signalling this planetary conjunction as the start of the transition (actually already started) for humankind from Belief to Knowing. Frank is of course applying this to all sentient beings, as he explains. It will still happen whether you like the idea or not, says Frank, so anticipating its arrival and a process for transitioning from Belief to Knowing may be of use.

Being prepared for the change may make it less stressful.


You decide.


Won't say more. Here are Frank's thoughts.



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