Diarrhea in COVID-19


Six selected references:


Clinical characteristics of diarrhea in 90 cases with COVID-19 - A descriptive study


Diarrhea - An underestimated symptom in Coronavirus disease 2019


Human nutrition, the gut microbiome, and immune system - envisioning the future.


Probiotics and COVID‐19 - is there any link?


Probiotics in viral infections, with a focus on COVID-19 -A Systematic Review.


'Photobiomics' - Can Light, Including Photobiomodulation, Alter the Microbiome?


My pearls on diarrhea and COVID-19


The third, fourth and fifth articles underscore the importance of the microbiome, our gut flora, on health, immune maintenance, and response to illnesses. The 4th and 5th specifically in the setting of COVID-19.


The last of these articles presents a foundation for pursuing photobiomodulation (red and near-infrared light) therapy in support of the gut flora during various illnesses.



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