Kennedy, Khrushchev, Cuban Missile Crisis


And of course..., BRITT Shelters.


For those who can remember the early '60's, people got quite worked up over the

threat of nuclear war and annihilation.


The following brief TED talk by Brian Toon, seems to be reopening a door towards rediscovering today what that period felt like.


JFK and NK



Back then, as JFK won the game and Nikita K called back the missiles that were getting set up a few miles from Florida (about 90), the result had something of the feel of an Ivy League football game, rather than an escape from Armageddon. That battle is not only a Biblical battle between good and evil: it's the last battle ever.



Remember seeing U-2 images (Pilot: F. Gary Powers) on T.V.?



U2 images



So have a listen, and see if you find yourself moving away just a bit, from wherever you were just before Brian Toon's presentation.


Is it a coincidence that this topic is showing up now?


And who is (Owen) Brian Toon? Isn't he a climate scientist?


Have a listen ...






And as he said, this doesn't seem to leave one with a "warm and fuzzy feeling."



Not a BRITT Shelter


NOT a BRITT Shelter

(Much more spacious).





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