Nick has COVID-19

Hello all,


Last Thursday Oct., 13 Nick called me using FaceTime to say that he was feeling a bit under the weather and had tested positive for COVID-19.


This call came from Las Vegas. Nick was staying at the WYNN, where he had participated in a presentation of his NFT-related work. The timing of when his symptoms began suggested that he either caught it during the trip from NY to LV, or shortly before leaving New York.


He stayed at the WYNN another day or two then decided to move to a less expensive venue in Las Vegas (Four Seasons) and also since his room reservation was now up. 


Ultimately, he decided to fly back to New York, which he did, and arriving there yesterday, back in his apartment. He did another test for the virus, which was positive again, and that was

probably day 7 of his illness. Test positive = still capable of transmitting virus, so he's staying in his apartment as he should.


Overall, he is not too ill, and primarily has head cold symptoms and lost his sense of smell about 2 days ago. spO2 levels (pulse ox) acceptable.


So far so good or at least, not too bad, seems to be the case. I check in with him using FaceTime once or twice a day. Made some recommendations for a few things that he obtained from Amazon, and that he should receive tomorrow (Thursday).


If we were at the start of the pandemic, this would have evoked a bit more anxiety both here and in NY, but now everyone seems to be a pro at this.


We've had our 4th vaccine here, and happy to report that we have still succeeded in avoiding this up to this time.  



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